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投稿日: November 24, 2021
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What kind of sofa is best for you?This can be a very time-consuming process when looking for the perfect sofa for your home. With so many different styles, fabrics, sizes and shapes to choose from, it is sometimes hard to know where to start. Sofas are long-used household products, so it is worth taking the time to determine what type of sofa you want before buying. Whether you are looking for the perfect corner sofa for the living room or the smart velvet sofa for your powder room, we believe that we can provide you with the perfect choice.
The first thing to consider when buying a sofa is the size. It’s important to ensure that your sofa is suitable for your home, while also making the most of the available space.Are you looking for a sofa that can accommodate three people, but you are worried about taking up too much space? Would you like a corner sofa to provide the best seat in the house for the whole family, but have a tricky space to work with? Are you looking for a sofa that fits a smaller room, but you also need to use it as a guest room? Here we have a variety of sofa sizes for you to choose, so that you can find the most suitable one.

Two seat sofas
The two-seater sofa is a standard sofa, suitable for couples and families or places with limited space. Our two-seater sofa allows two people to sit super comfortable, and for thin family members, it can sit three people.

Three seat sofas
As one of our most popular sizes, the three-seater sofa is designed to comfortably accommodate three people, or allow one or two people to stretch their legs super comfortably. Traditionally, a three-seater sofa has 3 independent cushions, which is more convenient for family members to use. There is even enough space for you to lie down when you are using it alone.

Four seat sofas
For those with big families, or lots of friends, we have a number of four seat sofas available. These sofas can sit up against a wall, or in the centre of a room, and allow four people, or a couple and their children (and dogs!) to sit comfortably and spend the evening together.

Chaise sofas
Want to stretch your legs out? We have a number of chaise sofas, also known as L shaped sofas, which are a standard sofa, but with one of the seat sections elongated to create a place to put your feet up – sort of like a permanent footstool attached. Perfect for lazy afternoons, film nights and more.

Corner sofas
Corner sofas are the perfect sofa for larger homes and families. A corner sofa generally consists of two seating sections that are joined together at a right angle. However, some corner sofas can be rearranged to create different shapes.

Sofa beds
Having a sofa that transforms into a bed within minutes is not only incredibly useful for occasional overnight guests, but is also a great space-saving opportunity. Whether you add a sofa-bed into the guest bedroom or study, or want to transform your living room into the occasional movie-night and sleepover set up, a sofa bed is the perfect solution. Available in loveseat, two seat sofa, two and a half seat sofa, three seat sofa and even corner sofa styles, our range of sofa beds will have you sitting and sleeping comfortably.

Sofas are also available in many materials, such as velvet sofas, fabric sofas and leather sofas.Sofas of different materials have their own advantages.The velvet sofa, which has always been at the forefront of fashion trends, brings you a warm feeling and at the same time creates an eye-catching theatrical atmosphere.Fabric sofas can achieve various properties of fabrics through textile waterproofing agents. Therefore, it is more resistant to dirt than ordinary sofas.The leather sofa perfectly shows the modern style design, and the gloss on the surface looks more attractive.Finding a sofa that suits the rest of your home is important – if you have a very traditional decorated interior, a contemporary sofa with angular edges might not fit in so well, and equally a traditional sofa with soft scroll arms may not suit a contemporary, minimalist home.
It’s really important to choose the best fabric for your home, both in terms of colour and material. The right fabric and colour will completely transform the space your sofa will be sitting in, and bring the room to life.

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